Quality assurance at its best is what the MyBIRGROUP App for android is offering.

No matter if you need to create or answer complaint reports messenger-style, prepare audits or track work progress, the MyBIRGROUP app lets you do it on your mobile phone or tablet.

The MyBIRGROUP App is able to access camera pictures and files on your device, scans QR codes and works even offline by using a special communication protocol.

What we did

Everything except for design and requirement definition.


BIRGROUP Holding GmbH & Co. KG


Interamt is the portal for searching jobs in the public service.

The Interamt app makes job search go mobile. Simply find public service job offerings while youre on the move or get tips and information for your application or job interview by doing the quiz.

What we did

Development and a little bit consulting on what UI elements to use.


Canyon Factory Outlet

The original CANYON Factory Outlet to go.

With this shop app you get all the offers of premium bike maker CANYON, updated daily.

The app features bike listings and ordering as well as subscription to push notifications once the bike you ever wanted (and described by certain parameters) is offered in the outlet.

What we did

We developed the app and were allowed to help a little with concepting and setting up the push notification backend.



Wo hab ich nur...? ("Where is my...?")

If your sentences often start like that you definitely need this app. You put your stuff where you think you will find it again? And then you always have to go looking for it, because you forgot?

Use WHIN to remember where you put your stuff. Enter the name and location, take a picture, done. That way you always have an inventory of your basement, attic, closet and storeroom.

What we did

Everything, meaning concenption, design and development (of course).


Is us, since we missed this little tool quite often, too