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We create native Apps for iOS und Android.

Since 2013 we do only have your success on mobile platforms on our minds

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Who we are

Being an agency specialized on mobile communication located in the heart of Düsseldorf, Germany, we have been doing app development on iOS und Android for five years. At the moment we're responsible for four iOS and one Android App in the respective stores, all of them having been developed completely by ourselves.

We're working with small and medium sized companies as well as on behalf of multimedia und advertising agencies.

What we do


We help you selecting platforms and devices, defining the features and your strategy for monentarization


Having determined the features we create wireframes in order to determine the best user experience for the app


Following the basic principle "form follows function" we make your app look good


We develop your app and its unittests in Objective-C, Swift or Java and make sure it gets into the respective stores