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Privacy Statement

Responsible authority in regard to data protection, especially in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is:

Moritz Pipahl
Gustav-Poensgen-Str. 25
40215 Düsseldorf

Your rights as an affected person

You are allowed to enforce the follwing rights by contacting our data protection commissioner:

  • request information about saved data and data processing,
  • correction of wrong personal information,
  • deletion of saved data,
  • limitation of data processing if we are unable to delete your data due to jurisdictional obligations,
  • contradict data processing by us and
  • transfer of your data if you admitted data processing or entered into a contract with us.

If you have given a permission, you may revoke it anytime with effect for the future.

You can file a complaint to the corresponding authority any time. The corresponding authority is determined by your place of residence. You may find a list of corresponding authorities for the non official sector along with their addresses here:

Purpose of data processing through the responsible body or third parties:

We will process your data only for the purposes listed in this privacy statement. We will not transfer your personal data to any third parties except for the purposes listed in this document. We only pass your personal data to third parties if:

  • you have given your explicit permission,
  • the processing is needed to fulfill the contract between you and us,
  • the processing is needed to fulfill a legal obligation,
  • the processing is needed to preserve justified interests and there is no reason to assume that your interest in not passing your data is a more relevant and protection worthy.

Deletion and locking of data

We comply the the principles of data avoidance and data economy. We only save your personal data as long at it is neccessary for the purpose of achieving the goals listed here or as long as legally prescribed terms dictate. The data is routinely deleted or locked after the respective purpose ceases to apply or after those storage periods expire.

Contact Form

If you contact us via email or a contact form, you also give your voluntary permission to be contacted by us. Stating a valid email address is mandatory therefore. This email address is used to match your request and our response. Giving any more details is optional. All the details given by you will be saved for processing your request and possible follow-up questions. Personal details will be deleted upon completion of your request.

Use of Script Libraries (Google Webfonts)

We use script and font libraries ( ) in order to display our content correctly and visually appealing across different webbrowsers. Google Webfonts are stored into the cache of your browser to avoid multiple loading. If your browser does not support Google Webfonts or blocks access to it standard fonts will be used for all content.

Using the script or font libraries automatically creates a connection to the provider of these libraries. It is possible - though uncertain if and for what purpose at the moment - that the provider of these libraries may be collecting personal data.

The privacy statement of the library provider Google may be found here.

Use of Google Maps

This website uses the Google Maps API in order to visualize geographic information. Google is collecting, processing and using data from Google Maps users. You can find detailed information about Googles data processing in the Google privacy statement. You can also change your privacy settings in their data privacy center.

Detailed instructions for the management of personal data related to the usage of Google products may be found here.

Change of our privacy terms

We explicitly reserve the right to change this privacy statement so that it complies to current legal requirements or to implement new services in this privacy statement. The new privacy statement will then be in effect upon your next visit.

Contact our privacy officer

Please contact our privacy officer directly or write an email if you have any questions regarding privacy:

Moritz Pipahl
Gustav-Poensgen-Str. 25
40215 Düsseldorf

This privacy statement was generated by using the Privacy-Statement-Generator of activeMind AG.